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Crushing black metal from Melbourne, Australia.
Mortal is the debut album from Mordavia, a one man project by Morgue of Mar Mortuum.


Comprising 44 minutes of sombre, bleak, morbid and reasonably melodic Black Metal, ‘Mortal’ proves that you don’t need the backing of a label – big or small – to conjure good music. Better without, perhaps… If the muse is within you and the requisite passion, vision and enthusiasm are intact, then anything is possible. As DIY efforts go, this album really is pretty damn impressive and it’s one that you won’t regret seeking out.

Seeing as there’s a glut of great Black and Death Metal coming out of Australia these days, it’s hardly a surprise that ‘Mortal’ hits the spot.


released September 13, 2013

All Instruments, Vocals & Lyrics by Morgue.
Art concept and design by Morgue.

Recorded by Richard McMaster at Impure Sounds, Melbourne, Australia.
Mastered by Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering, Melbourne, Australia.
Guest vocal appearance on the track 'Vermin Cult' by M. of Mar Mortuum.



all rights reserved


Mordavia Melbourne, Australia

Morgue from Melbourne Black Metal outfit Mar Mortuum has released his solo creation in the form of Mordavia. All Instruments, Vocals and Lyrics are performed by Morgue, with guest vocal appearance from M. of Mar Mortuum on the track 'Vermin Cult'.

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Track Name: Death

Know me now for I am coming
Hear me now for I am calling
Embrace my wrath for here I am
To take all that is and all that shall ever be

To bathe within fire
To rot in cold earth for all eternity

Beyond the gates of this world
The lies of man reveal the path to nothing

There is no face of death
Until the moment of your own death
Once dragged into darkness
You will never exist again

In this place there is no sanctuary
In this tomb all is forgotten
To live only in a memory
This very existence in time is lost

There is no colour
There is no sound
There are no halls
There is nothing
Track Name: In Dark Times
In Dark Times

When the night skies flicker
I'm awakened to the call
Of the ones that walked before me
A trusted harmony passed through the blood of old
From this birth I reform and transcend as a spirits flame
That is one with ash and earth
Bearing honour once again

Soulless faces haunting
Baron lands of stone
Driven for what purpose
A greed to fill their own
Blindly passing time
False goals to achieve
The goal of life is death
And thus it shall be

Gluttony continues to stranglehold mankind
The word of strength has fallen
They are broken in dark times
The essence of life is lost
A common breath divides
Earthly bones shatter
Wisdom buried in dark times

Night seizes light from the skies
Arise in dark times
The flames entrance my mind
And take me away from dark times
Track Name: Obey & Conform?
Obey & Conform?

Lies, lashing serpent tongues, poisoning lives
Whilst smashing castles in the sand
Escape, the fraud of false wisdom
Society spirals downward
To it's inevitable extinction

One man - has no place, no fucking voice
Until he holds a shotgun to your head
Now do I have your attention?
Cause once that final trigger's pulled
you'll be forever fucking dead!

War, far from the frontlines
Nowhere to hide
Behind your sacrificial pawns
Suffer all through this life
To serve your cause?
I will not obey and conform!

Awake now
Break free these bonds
As death awaits
And it has no forgiveness
Track Name: Necrologies Of Mankind
Necrologies of Mankind

- Veniam pro omnibus vobis-

Drenched in flesh and blood
Oceans boil red
Hooves pound human mud
Cloaked in flame, the fires burn the sky
Nothing remains
Death grips the reigns and rides

Fear - Reality
Death - Admit defeat
Destroyer - At worlds end
Necrologies of Mankind

-Et mortem omnibus nobis-

Prophecies of the mad
Shall come to pass
Actions beckon consequence
Reality's a farce
Scribe upon cold stone
Carve deep to heal the pain
For the blind will bleed
And the chosen shall remain

-Ad exortum novae diluculo-

Rise to a new beginning
Removed of lies and faith
In truth, not what awaits
With honour and free will
All is not yet lost
There is time for you still
Track Name: Vermin Cult
Vermin Cult

I only speak of what I see
A vermin cult plagued society
With wide eyes opened shut
To block out all reality
Time to see, time to feel
That death awaits and it is real
No mortal being no living thing
Needs to think beyond it's own skin

Can you feel it now?
Still Ignoring to believe
You know it is true
What you know is real

Touch will fail
Taste will dry
Craving life
That is a lie

So awaken now
From the dream
There is no importance
In the grander scheme
Track Name: Frozen Skin
Frozen Skin

A new dawn slips away
Dying further day to day
To what end will it be
That sets me free

A new dawn fades away
Awaiting death every day
Gripped tightly from within
The night colder with frozen skin

Pass through the open gates
For a glimpse of what awaits
A shadowed figure or brilliant light
Only hell of eternal night

Painted walls of black
Clawing for the cracks
Solid in horror
An infinite mirror
Track Name: Spirits

They torment me
I can no longer tell if I'm awake
Am I dreaming?
Misplaced and forgotten in a darkened state
Calling me...
Dare I answer for I'll fall in shadow
Blind I see...
Lost within, my former self fades away

Spirits form
As I crave them once more
Dancing on my soul
Burning black extinguishing all
Pulsing veins
Twisted poison flitters so secretly
Carry me away from here
Far away...

Follow me onto blackened fields
Fires burn from the inside out
We are the ones who are rotting here
Dead within a walking shell

Plagued with my own disease
The cause I am the cure you're not
Dance with me, spirits of old
Consumed until my skin is cold

Forever cold...